Biomedical Research Units

      The NIHR Biomedical Research Units (BRUs) undertake translational clinical research in priority areas of high disease burden and clinical need.BRUs

      The BRUs are based in leading NHS organisations and Universities enabling some of our best health researchers and clinicians to work together to develop new treatments for the benefit of patients. The BRUs:

      • Drive innovation in the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of ill-health
      • Translate advances in medical research into benefits for patients
      • Provide a key component of the NHS contribution to our nation’s international competitiveness by building on the best research leaders and their teams and enabling their host institutions to achieve or further develop critical mass in a priority research area
      • Support the further development of NHS/University partnerships with existing critical mass in the priority research areas, 'building on the best' and enabling excellent, but comparatively small, research groups (comprising a relatively small number of research leaders
      • Work in one of the priority areas, who are at the forefront of their field internationally) to achieve critical mass

      More information about the BRUs can be downloaded below.